Supporting Your Montessori Child Blog


Punctuality is a highly regarded life skill and it is never too early for your child to learn that getting somewhere on time, without being rushed and flustered is a great way to start. A sense of order and punctuality is consistent with Montessori learning.

A few tips that might help you start the day more smoothly:

– unpack school bags as soon as getting home in the afternoon and then repack in preparation for the next day.

– make school lunches the night before or at least have items ready to be included.

– put out clothes and shoes for the next morning.

– turn the tv off in the morning (at least until everyone is ready to go out the door).

– allocate tasks for all family members so that nothing is forgotten – ie. lock the doors, turn off the lights, open the garage door, etc.

– prepare a schedule/order that things need to happen in … eg. Getting dressed before breakfast

– set your clocks 5 or 10 mins faster than real time.

– have regular bedtimes and routines – children thrive on order and routine and it’s fundamental in a Montessori child’s world.

– make time for some warmth in the rush of the morning…a cuddle can motivate children to move faster than your verbal request.

– keep things simple – focus on what’s the most important aspect of the morning to enable you to get out the door on time.

– do what you have to in the car (have a brush, hair ties etc).

What works for your family?