Strategic Plan


The 2019 - 2022 Strategic Plan development process began in late 2017 with discussion and initial planning by the Committee of Management (CoM). A facilitated planning session was held with staff and parents to seek feedback around the school’s  values, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

The raw feedback was consolidated into a community feedback document which was subsequently used by the 2018/2019 CoM to inform and shape development of this Strategic Plan.
To aid refinement of the feedback and creation of insightful actions, the community feedback and subsequent CoM deliberations were focused around developing answers to 6 key questions:

1. What is it that makes us, us?
2. What makes our school different to others in the region?
3. What will cause parents to choose and remain at the school?
4. As parents and students, what do we expect of the school?
5. Where do we want to go/grow?
6. What does financial and organisational stability look like?

A great many ideas and initiatives were identified, following this work the CoM produced a draft strategy wheel that identified areas of strategic focus, clarified the schools vision and developed new values aimed at being applicable to and understandable by all members of our school community.

The focus areas and initiatives were then categorised based around broad strategic objectives and transformed into a matrix of actionable initiatives. These initiatives serve as the core of the schools Strategic Plan for the period 2019 - 2022.

Its important to note that some initiatives require further feasibility assessment and progress may be subject to logistical and financial constraints. Progress reporting in support of this plan will form part of the schools annual report.

The initial version of the plan covered the period 2019-2021, however due to constraints imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic the effective period has been extended to cover the 2022 calendar year.